Fearful, Frustrated, aw Frack!

One of my favorite quotes is “Feel fear and do it anyway.” When approaching a new class, an audition, heck, even writing and emailing your first e-newsletter can be scary, just know that you’re not alone. It’s ok that you’re a little bit freaked out about taking a giant leap of faith in yourself, but that’s the thing. You’ve got to believe in yourself.

If you’ve just started acting or any creative endeavour, remind yourself to be proud of yourself! You believe in yourself enough to go for it!

If you’ve been doing your work for a while and are frustrated and afraid that your path won’t lead you anywhere, remind yourself that you’ve got guts. You’ve been at it for a long time and if you’re still pushing at it, it’s only a matter of time till something will break open for you. I’ve heard the story too many times that a person gave up right before their big break. Keep believing in you.

I came across this article by Grant Cardone about ways to burst through:

When you are fearful or insecure, remind yourself that you’re simply feeling what most other people experience. You are probably doing something that is new for you or that you are excited about. Fear is a normal feeling, and I would be more concerned if you didn’t experience it.   —Read More—