Branded Actor Roar

Jodi Skeris Commercial

Hello. My name is Jodi Skeris. I am an actor. I am the founder and creator of Branded Actor. I worked in advertising for roughly 10 years and have a Masters Degree from the #1 Advertising school in the Nation.

As an ACTOR…..
I HATE getting mass emails from companies asking for my money for services that may or may not help my career.
I HATE getting bombarded with messaging from multiple sources to do this, that, or another thing for my acting career.
I HATE it when experts claim they have the best solution ever.

This is why I’m as quiet as I am as Branded Actor. Because I frequently get annoyed at people/companies tell me what to do in order to move my career forward as an actor. This is why I stopped doing mass emails, plastering all over twitter, facebooking whatever on facebook.

There are so many different ways you can move your career forward as an actor. There are so many “experts” and experts that CAN help you.

…but sometimes it feels like THERE ARE TOO MANY!!!!! I feel like I’m being sold to everyday.
“Get new head shots!”
“Get coaching!”
“Do workshops!”
“Do drop offs!”
“Do postcards!”
“Get a new agent!”
“Take x/y/z class!”
“Sign up for this teleclass!”

Acting is a business when you follow the path of becoming a paid TV/Film actor. You need to listen to your gut and find out what is right for you. You have to put on your blinders and throw away whatever might feel like noise to you FOR NOW. That noise may turn into a song in the next week, month, or year. So keep it on the back burner and do a gut check every now and then.

As Branded Actor, I’d love to get your feedback on this. I do not want to push my marketing on you because it makes me sick to my stomach. I feel much more comfortable having my primary marketing as word of mouth. I do great work. I’ve helped many people. I’m looking to doing more consulting work, helping actors get organized, knowing how to attack marketing on their own, giving actors the tools to brand themselves and build your own web sites. Actors are savvy folk and have to put on many many hats in order to get their names and faces out there. I want to provide you with tools you can afford that will get you very far.