Actor Logo


There are some rules of thumb when pursuing your career as an actor:
1. Be in class
2. Have a great head shot
3. Have a resume
4. Have print outs of your head shot and resume with you at all times

While you are studying your craft, you must always be marketing. You should set time aside each day to focus on acting as a business. In order to do this, you will need marketing materials.

It starts with a LOGO
You will hear many industry professionals state that your head shot is your calling card. While this is true, your head shot will always be changing, and you’ll most likely have different head shots for your particular needs (commercial, theatrical {film/tv}, for that victim role, etc). Branded Actor came up with “Logoizing your Name.” Your name will always be your name. No matter where you go, what you do, your name will never ever change.

Logoizing Your Name
Branded Actor will meet with you and get a good idea of your likes, essence, flavah, n’ such in order to translate it into logo terms. Branded Actor will then take that info from you and go on a font exploration. Much like this:

Branded Actor may also include textures or images that can correlate with the look and feel of your potential logo. Much like this:

Upon font and texture approval, Branded Actor with then create a series of options for the look and feel of your logo. Eventually both you and Branded Actor will land on a logo that will be used in all of your marketing materials.