Having a website as an actor is very important in this day and age. You need to make sure you’re as accessible as possible, and a website with your most up to date information will let your audience know what you are up to.

Branded Actors’ packages allow you the flexibility to have a simple, non-branded website to a custom-made branded website with extra fixin’s. It all depends on what you’re looking to achieve and how much content you want up on your site.

Current Branded Actor Websites:
Bonsai Studio Production
The Seinfeldian
Heather Horton
Jim Allen Jackson
PAI Training
Jodi Skeris
Lex Morales
Erik Davies
The Bulter Did It, LLC (coming soon)
Ashley Novasad (coming soon)
Adam Wasser (coming soon)

$4.95/mo, no contract
- wordpress option/support
- weebly option/support
- Branded Actor handles all the hosting updates, installs, & domain “addon”
- you still have the capability to update your wordpress or weebly site on you own if you want

$6.95/mo for 12mo ($83.40 total)
$5.95/mo for 24mo ($142.80 total)
$4.95/mo for 36mo ($178.20 total)
- wordpress option/support
- weebly option/support
- easy install
- client will need to “addon” the domain name through Bluehost
- $20 for Branded Actor to “addon” your domain name through Bluehost
- client will need to stay up to date on installs/updates of own site

$8.54/mo for 12 months (not sure if you can pay month to month or full year)
- wordpress option/support
- client will need to install wordpress (godaddy support can assist with this)
- $30 for Branded Actor to install wordpress in GoDaddy
- client will need to stay up to date on installs/updates of own site