Jodi Skeris shooting hoops

No, I’m not in a cage, I’m shootin’ hoops!
Photo by: Nicholas Sayaan

Branded Actor was founded by Jodi Skeris. Jodi graduated with a Master’s Degree in advertising-art direction from VCU Brandcenter, a highly competitive and well respected school in the advertising industry. Since graduating VCU Brandcenter, Jodi spent many years working in advertising agencies as both an art director and a copywriter in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, South Carolina, Virgina, Wisconsin, and now Los Angeles.

Jodi started Branded Actor because she noticed that businesses were taking advantage of actors with poor design, direction, and high prices in marketing materials (ei: postcards, business cards, web sites). Most of Branded Actors’ competitors claim to brand an actor but do not know the core understanding of what branding entails.

Branding is to develop a consistent look and feel within marketing materials. Branding is something that you can see, like a Nike swoosh, or an Apple package. Branding is not type casting an actor, which is what most of our competitors do.

Branded Actor takes an actor’s name, creates a logo along with a textured background or graphic element, and places the actor’s logo on all their marketing materials. So that no matter what marketing piece their target goes to, it will always have a consistent look and feel.

An actor’s head shot may change, an actor will tier jump through the levels, but their name and essence will always be the same.

*** Jodi is a pre-certified ASL Interpreter. Yes, she will happily work with Deaf actors. ***