To Do List

Whether your just starting out as an actor or are re-entering the business after a long hiatus, there are a few set things you need to have squared away before pounding the pavement.

Head Shot
– take a bunch of pictures with friends to get used to taking a shot that shows your best features
– work with up and coming photographers who are building their portfolio
– make sure there is life in YOUR EYES (you will hear this a lot)
– have 3 different clothing options for your big shoot
– hire a professional make up artist

– set up your resume so it is easily readable
– make sure your “billing” is in order
– have a separate resumes for commercials / film-tv / theater
– having a Drivers License or a Passport is not a special skill
– ALWAYS put “Commercial Conflicts Upon Request” whether you’ve booked zero or 58 commercials

Sign Up Now
– these specific web sites are a MUST JOIN for any actor
Actors Access
LA Casting

– these specific web sites are heavily suggested to join for any actor
Casting Frontier (free membership)
Casting About
IMDb Pro