Hosting is where all the information to your website is stored. Hosting can also be referred to as your server and sometimes will have an FTP site along with a phpMyAdmin Database.

Now, for some of you, what I just wrote is complete latin to you, and that’s ok. Branded Actor can set up your domain name and hosting for $35 offsite or within the one-on-one timeframe of $75/hr. Hosting services run as little as $3.99 a month. Branded Actor will then make sure that all of your servers and programs are up to date and running properly so that there is no fear of hackers coming in and taking over your site.

If you’d like to purchase a hosting service yourself, Branded Actor recommends BlueHost. Just make sure that when you’re overseeing the hosting yourself that all of your files, plug-ins, and that your site management is up to date to keep free of hackers.

If you already have your domain name and hosting set up, that’s a-ok by Branded Actor. Just send Branded Actor your WordPress login information and she’ll take it from there.

Current Branded Actor Websites:
Jodi Skeris
Jim Allen Jackson
Heather Horton

Hourly rate: $75/hr
Travel fee: $10-30 additional, depending on your location
(no travel fee if you come to the Studio City/North Hollywood area)