Marketing for Actors Workshop

The “Marketing for Actors” workshop can be set up wherever you are! Please email Branded Actor to set up a workshop for your group:

One day, 2 hour Q&A workshop which will include a handout of quick tips and tricks.
– How to follow up with casting directors after workshops
– How to prep for head shots
– SAG-AFTRA Union rights and regulations
– What is the actor Brand
– How to get starting in marketing yourself as an actor
– Mastermind groups and accountability partners
– Next level marketing classes for actors
– Getting an agent
– Classes, workshops, seminars
– Demo reels – And anything else you can think of!

The workshop will be a Q&A, first come, first serve. Come with your questions written and ready. When you sign in, you will mark how many questions you will have prepped. The more clear and concise your questions are, the quicker we can get through everyone’s.

The workshop is taught by:
Jodi Skeris graduated with a Master’s Degree in advertising-art direction from VCU Brandcenter, a highly competitive and well respected school in the advertising industry. Since graduating VCU Brandcenter, Jodi spent over a decade working in advertising agencies as both an art director and a copywriter in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, South Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin, and now Los Angeles. She is also the founder of Branded Actor, where she transforms your name into a marketable logo that resonates with the essence of you and implements your brand into print and online marketing materials.

Price: The workshop is $20, cash at the door
Date: Email for info
Location: Marty’s Open Mic Studio, 7351 West Sunset Blvd., LA, CA 90046
The cross street is Martel. The class will be located at a studio called Marty’s Open Mic. It is an acting and comedy studio, the entrance is on Martel, walk around the side of the building where Big Mama’s Pizza and Pasta is located and you will see the door to enter. There is street parking on Sunset and on Martel as well. Please watch if you parking on Martel as there are certain spots that are not OK until after 6pm.

Los Angeles Improv Workshop

Did your agent tell you to sign up for an improv class?
Are you unsure of which school to study with?
Are you tentative about taking class because you’re not sure what to expect?

This workshop is an intro on what to expect in your beginning levels of improv in the Los Angeles area. The class is 3 hours long and will incorporate warm ups, games, scene work, and a Q and A section on what to expect of each of the 4 main schools in the area. Jodi will go over curriculums, forms, teams/shows, auditions, and more. She will also collaborate with you to see which school will fit your actor and improv needs.

Yes! You will be improvising for at least 2.5 hours!

Schools of review
iO West
Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB)
Second City

Jodi Skeris’s Background
Jodi has roughly 10+ years of improv experience. She has experience teaching, coaching and is currently an active performer in the Los Angeles improv community. She does not promote any one school, as her training consists of UCB, Groundlings, iO West, and the Magnet Theater (NY). Click here for her entire improv history.

A great afternoon with great ideas, fun work-outs, and lots of positive energy about improv. Who wouldn’t want to do improv!?
Betsy Baker

Jodi is great! She is knowledgable about improv, a great listener, fun and easy to work with.
Trevor Davis

It was really helpful to get to test the waters before making a commitment to an expensive class. I feel like I could start a class with more confidence in myself.
Anne Popolizio

Jodi creates a fun and friendly environment for her students to explore the world of improv.
Rayshell Curtiss

Classes (coming soon)

“Jodi is talented, smart and a gusty improvisor and she’ll make you one too.” – Matt Chesmore; Writer/Director/Improvisor in NY